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Welcome to the Underdusk, a stagnant world slowly sinking into the depths of forgetfulness.  You alone must brave this world on a quest to regain your lost locket and regain your memories before it's too late.  Choose your path through an eery pixel art landscape, brave brutal precision-platforming gauntlets, meet strange denizens and grab collectibles to increase your powerset in a bid to regain your very soul.

Can you discover what's behind the mask?

Key Features

  • Run, jump, and wall-slide your way to victory but beware, a single hit will send you back to the last checkpoint.
  • Explore a maze-like world full of power-ups and secrets.
  • Collect memory fragments to unlock the forgotten story of your past.
  • 3 game modes for players who like even more of a challenge.

You can also get Into The Underdusk on Steam. Check it out!


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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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I am playing on Linux with WINE.
I have tried the latest WINE STAGING v7.7 as well as a bunch of older
versions of WINE and have been getting the same results no matter what.
The game is crashing when I go down the hole at the place where
the big fireball that hops is who is below the level with the skull that
has the fireballs spinning around it with this error:

"ERROR in action number 1 of  Step Event 0 for object objClubHead:
Unable to find instance for object index 111224
at gml_Object_objClubHead_Step_0
gml_Object_objClubHead_Step_0 (line -1)"

My NVIDIA GTX 1060 died about 6 months ago so I've been using
the onboard I5-3470 cpu's graphics which are INTEL HD 2500.
I realize this is crappy old GPU but the game plays perfectly in all
the other areas and most 2D games play fine on it.
I'm not using vulkan/dxvk as INTEL HD 2500 is too old to support it.
Coencidentally, I just ordered another GTX 1060 so that card should
be in soon and I'm hoping the issue will go away then as I'll then be
using dxvk and the latest NVIDIA drivers but I thought I should let
you know because it may be an easily fixable issue that will allow
others on INTEL HD to use. It may be a WINE issue as well.

Thanks! 8)

I am aware of this bug and will be patching the game tonight. My apologies there are some bugs specific to casual. I expect to have a new version by the end of the night. 

(1 edit)

Oh that kicks ass! Thank you! 8)
It's nice to know it isn't an issue on my end. 8)

No problem. I'm just sorry I overlooked it. :(

(6 edits)

I notice you said it's a bug specific to the casual version.
Are there any limitations to the casual version?
(Will I be able to go through it and win it like
the other versions?)

Yes, you can beat it just like all the other versions. It just removes some enemies and obstacles and makes a few enemies easier.  The normal version of the game is pretty hard and has a steep learning curve. You will die a lot. However, casual is still challenging and is a valid game mode.

Just purchased!!! So excited!
So happy you got this released ZenTaco!
I really really wish you the best of luck with this and hope you make
enough money to justify making this the first in a whole series, it's
really that good. I am 49 years old and gravitate more towards these
old school type of games and for me, this is exactly what I love.
Well thought out level design and puzzles, excellent atmosphere and
music (so glad you kept the music from the original!), dead-on controls...
What's not to love?!?!?!
Might there ever possibly be a Linux build btw?

Thank you so much for being a supporter of the project. It has certainly been a learning experience. If you get stuck feel free to join the Stone Crow discord for pointers!